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The World's Most Advanced Striking Mitt

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The Double-Sided AnyStrike MITT

Join the combat sports training revolution. 

The innovative, double-sided AnyStrike MITT is the new standard in focus mitt technology and training.  The AnyStrike MITT keeps all of the advantages of traditional mitts with none of the limitations or drawbacks for trainers.  Fighters will be more accurate and trainers will get fewer joint injuries.

These professional-grade striking mitts are the pinnacle of combat sports training equipment and a necessity for any boxer, martial artist, MMA or combat sports competitor.

Improve Accuracy & Muscle Memory

Traditional Focus Pads

Practice Missing the Target

The fighter is reinforcing bad muscle memory by not punching directly to the opponent’s centerline.  Instead, he must punch off-center to the left, which would result in a miss during an actual fight.

AnyStrike MITTs

Practice Precise Strikes

The fighter is reinforcing good muscle memory by punching directly to the opponent’s centerline, which would result in a successful technique during an actual fight.

Work Body Shots Like Never Before

Body Shots like this…

Fight-ending body shots occur when all the parts of arm line up behind the punch and drill maximum force through the opponent’s organs.

…don’t happen like this!

The position of standard mitts encourages the fighter to merely “swipe” at the body, meaning the line of the force travels in front of the actual target.

Practice Proper Angles!

The double-sided nature of the AnyStrike MITT allows the trainer to show proper look to the fighter and hit on the proper line to deliver maximum force to the target body part.

High-Quality Construction

The high-tech design has a full complement of precision placed sponge foams:

  • Sponge Comfort Foam
  • High-Density Impact Absorbing Foam Core
  • Low-Density Protection Foam

AnyStrike provides unparalleled comfort and maximum protection for the trainer even when athletes are using their maximum speed and power for highly accurate punching and striking.

Reduce Coaching Injuries

A primary cause of trainer injuries is the awkward placement of shoulders, elbows and wrists during mitt drills.  The AnyStrike MITT eliminates these injuries by:

1)  Keeping the joints in a natural position across a wide range of strikes.

2) Dispersing the impact of the punch across two surfaces instead of one.

3)  Shielding the trainer’s hands with state of the art padding.

Unlimited Combinations

The two striking surfaces of the AnyStrike allows trainers and fighters to practice basic combinations (eg, an Uppercut/Overhand) that are impossible using current equipment.

More importantly, trainers and fighters can create new combinations, giving fighters an edge in combat.

Expect impeccable performance and stunning results when you train Champions with AnyStrike.

Slip Jab – uppercut – Overhand

Notice how the trainer is able to show an actual boxing stance, instead of the traditional neutral stance where the trainer’s body is squared up giving an unrealistic look for an actual fight.

The position of the mitt is right where the chin of the opponent would be after slipping the initial jab.

The final punch in the combination, an overhand could also be performed with an advanced footwork maneuver such as the D’Amato Shift.

Jab – Cross – Body Shot (Liver Shot)

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